Engilina’s Trains – railway workshops

Engilina’s Trains: I always enjoy seeing Ben’s drawings and it is particularly exciting to see the railway workshops taking shape…

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  • Tamra

    Hi, is this the beginning stages of a new book?
    I love your ideas and my son 7.5 is so inspired by Engibear. My 4 and 3 yr old daughters are begging for more. Budding engineers of the future. Thanks for inspiring these home educated kids.

    • Andrew King

      Yes we are planning to have our next book (Engilina’s Trains) out in the first half of 2017.
      I am really glad that your children enjoy the Engibear books.
      We love creating them and hope that they do inspire engineers of the future.

    • Aziz

      Hi, Andrew. I have bought Engibear book in Istanbul. My 5 years son love it so much. What about printing your book for Ukraine, Russia?

      • Andrew King

        Great to hear that your son enjoys Engibear’s Dream.
        Thanks for your suggestion – we would love to print the book for Russia and the Ukraine and we are working towards more translations.
        My son (an engineer) and I really appreciate Russian engineering and its history.