All aboard – a new Engibear book underway

Engibear, Engilina, the Bearbot and their friends are starting their next job.

A project to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of rail in Munnagong.

They will keep you up to date as their work progresses…

Comments (16)

  • megan daley

    Oh this will be wonderful! What a great project!

    • Sammi

      this book is a fantastic book it shows you a lot about bridges 🙂

      • Andrew King

        Thanks we are really glad you think so. Ben and I were lucky enough to get help from architects and engineers who design and build real bridges. We are hoping that one day they will build a real dinosaur one.

    • Ma

      THX for making this our project Mrs daley

    • Andrew King

      Thanks, we hope it works out well.
      We have a great start in that trains and rail are interesting from so many different perspectives.

  • Marnie

    I love the book, i really like how it goes my month for every stage and i really like how the bridge is like the structure of a dinosaur.

    • Andrew King

      Glad you like the calendar. When we were researching the book we learned just how big dinosaurs were. Some of the larger sauropods were long enough to be a bridge over a road!

  • Bridget

    So wonderful! I love trains! I love engibear too!

    • Andrew King

      We love trains too. The Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich is my favourite place at the moment.

  • Sara

    I love this book! It is a great story and I love Engibear!

  • April

    I really love the book it is one of my favourite book.

  • Ashleigh

    I really like your book

  • Lulu

    I am 5 and lov yor book.
    Mommy says I did good reeding.
    My frend Sara liks trains I lik buses.

    • Andrew King

      It is great that you are doing so much reading. Ben and I love buses too. Ben recently sent me a picture of a bus he drew a while ago, I hope he gets it into this book.

  • Bobby Bob Bon

    Hi i am 4 and this is my favorit book. i lov engibear and his friends. I like dinasor brig and trains. my frend liks bus. I lik shos and zeeeeeeeebra. Choo Chooooooooo! Moooooo!